The shining family story of the Mozaffarians

A passion for exquisite jewellery runs through many generations of the Mozaffarian family. What began in Persia 137 years ago has now found a new home in the Alstertal shopping centre. We would now like to shed some light on this journey.

Familie Mozaffarian

1883: Once upon a time in Persia

In 1883, Mohammad Mozaffarian opened his first shop in Tehran, the bustling, fascinating metropolis south of the Caspian Sea. He was the grandfather of Faramarz Mozaffarian, who now owns the Cabochon jewellery boutique in the AEZ shopping centre in Hamburg. Mohammad Mozaffarian had nine sons. His oldest son, Morteza, learnt the trade in his father’s business and later opened his own jewellery shop.

1930s and 1960s: 2,000 square metres of the most exquisite jewellery

At the beginning of the 1930s, Morteza Mozaffarian settled in Isfahan and opened his first shop. During the 1940s, he opened two more shops in Mashhad and Tehran. With his sure instinct for trends and developments, Morteza Mozaffarian noticed that the many international guests who visited Persia were particularly impressed by the country’s unique traditional crafts and beautiful, unusual jewellery. So he decided to take his business to the guests; until well into the 1960s, he managed exclusive boutiques in big hotels operated by international chains such as Hilton and Intercontinental.

„Juwelier Mozaffarian Lalezar Street Teheran“
„Juwelier Mozaffarian Lalezar Street Teheran“

His flagship was the main store in one of Tehran’s central squares. The most exclusive jewellery and the finest silver and gold work were displayed on seven floors covering an area of 2,000 square metres. The store’s customers included heads of state, leading business figures and international stars.

1970s: precious turquoise stones from the company’s own mine

The region of what is now Iran has been famous for its turquoises for more than 2,000 years. During the 1970s, Morteza Mozaffarian leased a mine and mined the valuable stones himself. The stones were ground in the company’s own grinding shop. Turquoises are soft and therefore not suitable for faceting. They are consequently made into cabochons, i.e. ground into round or oval shapes with a flat underside and a domed top. The name which Faramarz Mozaffarian gave his own company decades later was a subtle tribute to his father’s great passion.

1990/1991: A new chapter begins in Hamburg

For Faramarz Mozaffarian, the youngest son of Morteza Mozaffarian, 1990 was a year of great change. He was now married and the happy father of two small daughters. One of Faramarz’s older brothers had moved to Germany some time previously. The young family had visited him several times and were very impressed by the Hanseatic city. In 1991, Faramarz Mozaffarian followed his brother and opened his first boutique in a 30 m2 location in the “Einkaufszentrum Hamburger Straße” (Hamburg Street Shopping Centre), now the “Hamburger Meile” (Hamburg Mile).

1990s and 2000s: success with exclusive jewellery and high-quality watches

In 1996, Faramarz went one step further and added watches to his product range. Five years later, the shop in “Einkaufszentrum Hamburger Straße” doubled in size and top international brands were added to the range of watches. Faramarz Mozaffarian’s wife, Zari, joined the firm, and Monika Habicht became part of the Cabochon family.

2006: The move to Alstertal

The Mozaffarians opened their new, elegant store in a prominent 90 m2 location in the new wing of the Alstertal shopping centre (AEZ). The dream of an individual specialized store that catered to the customer’s every wish had come true. In 2016, the exclusive boutique was extensively modernised. Setareh, the youngest daughter of Faramarz and Zari Mozaffarian, had joined the company two years previously, and Cabochon is now benefiting from her expertise and the perspective of the next generation.


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